IELTS essay test 1

Posted on November 4, 2015

I couldn’t believe that some people just refused to admire the huge advantage that internet has bought us especially when it was utilized as a source of information. They made the assumption that internet brings more demerits, and too difficult to make it beneficial. Well I will never agree with such vision-less opinion with the following reasons.

First, the internet reduced the cost of information exchanging and brings us equality. In the old days, when the information can only be carried out on bare metal, the cost to exchange the information is the same as delivering physically real things, you pay both the shipping cost and the materials. Thus, the information only belongs to the rich. But the internet brings us to the information age, where all men and all women, all the rich and all the poor are all equal when it comes to getting the information. The poor are no longer blocked by the entrance price of getting information.

Secondly, the search engine make it really convenient to get what you want from vast majority of information sources out there. One don’t have to filter though books and periodicals. This saves a lot of time.

But internet does have drawbacks, as it requires more skills which a lot of old people don’t have. Even the young divert a lot in searching skills. When misused, the internet can lead to wrong or even dangerous sources. But I hardly say that books won’t.

So, the internet brings more advantages over disadvantages, that’s obvious. It does require more skills to be fully utilized, but what is what evolution is all about, that living creatures need more and more skills to survive.