avbot 4.6.1 更新

Posted on May 4, 2013

对于不知道 avbot 是神码的同学,猛击这里

avbot 4.0 系列第八个版本 4.6.1 发布了,同时发布的还有 rpm 包windows 包

rpm 包有 x86_32(用于64位系统) 的和 i686 (用于32位系统) 两个版本。其实 rpm 包解压一下也可以用在 Deb 系的系统上。

PS: sourceforge 上的 avbot 项目我开通了匿名上传权限,欢迎大家提交 deb/rpm 包供大家下载。

4.6 版本带来的最大的变化就是支持了 URL 预览功能. 当有群友贴出一个 URL 的时候, avbot 智能的将 url 解析并贴出网页标题.

接着是加入了实验性的 lua 脚本支持 (通过 –enable-lua 启用)

下面是 Changelog —

4.6 * allow to -c to specify the location of the config file * automantically show url content then some one post an url * change .qqbot newbee command to .qqbot welcome * add experimental support for luascripting

4.5 * sync webqq protocol * clean cache file when startup * a bug that cause xmpp account accidently not used

4.4 * fix a bug that new group is not created automantically * 自动欢迎新人使用的是 $qqlogdir/$qqgroup/welcome.txt 的内容 * 新人加群自动欢迎新人 * try to re-fetch the joke page if decoding error occurs

4.3 * allow change joke interval * allow to switchoff joke

4.2 * 每十分钟冷场就讲一个笑话. * RPC 功能允许 POST

4.1 * 修正错误的 asio 用法,由 asio 爸爸的演讲视频指出的 * avbot will check for image file and redownload corrupted one, aka say, the checksum does not match * avbot 启动的时候会对 images 文件夹下的文件执行校验检查。发现文件检验和文件名不符合的时候重新从腾讯服务器下载。 * fix strange win32 qq message send error * fix XMPP not forward error

4.0 * avbot 重构,使用 libavbot 提供的 class avbot。 方便其他程序包含 avbot 功能 * url 记录方式重构。 * better support for windows platform - via mingw * 修复在 windows 控制台下输出乱码的问题

3.6 * add autotools build system in case cmake is not avaliable * fix a critical bug that will DOS the TX webqq server. * to make life easier , drop the support for VC , you can still compile avbot by mingw * avhttp now default to use HTTP 1.1 and avbot is using HTTP1.1 too * with the control of .qqbot, avbot can join qq groups by itself. * allow caching the qqgroup result so that if we have trouble fetching the group list, we won’t suffer * allow to fetch the group chat image to local storage

3.5 * fix VC2010 compilation, VC sucks, does it? * allow IRC/XMPP to use .qqbot command. that’s a long lacking feature * allow customize the message preamble * allow sending email via “.qqbot mail to XXX” command * SMTP supports STARTSTL, make it more secure

3.4 * Internet Mail Format parser re-write. * delete mail only if successfully sended to the channel. * fix VC2010 compilation * windows support for stdin * smtp support (libs/developers only, not avliable to avbot)

3.3 * pull in upstream avproxy that add http_proxy support. * allow to have signel -d command line option to run as daemon * disable stdin process when run in daemon mode * limit the IRC msg send rate * broadcast the .qqbot command result * –xmppnick to set the nick * auto rename the nick when nick conflict occurs * add new command .qqbot version

3.2.2 * fixed many bugs

3.2.1 * bug fix * XMPP async connect fix 3.2 * irc support multi line message support

3.1.1 * bug fix

3.1 * socks5_proxy support 3.0 * avbot 现在包含了一个POP3客户端,可以到指定(–mailaddr参数指定)的邮箱获取邮件,并将邮件贴到群聊天里。 * 改进的WebQQ协议处理,更稳定,更少下线时间 * 支持通过标准输入直接输入验证码,不再需要通过IRC频道输入验证码 * 大量的代码改进,使用协程优化了WebQQ登录过程的处理,使用协程优化了IRC连接处理

2.3 * bug fix 2.0 * add support for XMPP protocol

1.0 * qqbot works for WebQQ and IRC protocol 0.1 * tech-preview * many copy & paste from lwqq * only WebQQ supported. can log chat to html